The Creation of Your New Metal Card

What goes into creating your new metal card with VybeCardCo?  Let's walk it through!

First and foremost, before we begin, please review the requirements for your current card here. If your card is compatible, we can begin!

  1. The fun begins with our Card Creator! Tell us the name to put on the card, upload your logo, and add some custom text to make it speak your truth. Customize the front AND customize the back! Click here to get started!

  2. Once you feel your design is 100%, confirm that your design is exactly how you want it, and that you accept our Terms of Service.  Once you confirm, you can proceed to checkout, add from available options (if you want), and complete the purchase.

  3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that will contain directions on where to send your plastic card.  Please include a print out of your confirmation e-mail and include it with your plastic card to help easily match up your card to your order. Send it to the address specified in the e-mail.

    SECURITY TIP: We strongly advise that you freeze your card to protect it while it's in transit and while the card information is being transferred.  To find out how to freeze your card, click here.

  4. Once we receive the card, we begin work on creating your metal card.  First, we transfer your magnetic stripe data from the plastic card you sent us to your new metal card's magnetic stripe.

  5. Next, we delicately transfer your current plastic card's EMV chip to your new metal card.

  6. Now that the metal card has the elements required to make purchases either by swipe (magnetic stripe) or by insert (EMV chip), we perform our tests to ensure that both the stripe and chip are working appropriately.

    PLEASE NOTE, and we cannot emphasize this point enough: VybeCardCo DOES NOT STORE OR PURCHASE using your credit card information.  We simply transfer the required elements for your new card, and once successful, we remove all of your credit card information from our systems.  Click here for more information on this topic.

  7. Upon successful testing, we laser etch your exact design on the front and back of the new metal card.

  8. We send the card back to you.  If you froze your card on step 3 (again, we STRONGLY ADVISE that you do), unfreeze your card once you receive it.

  9. Inspect your card, ensure that card information (card numbers, expiration dates, etc.) are correct.  Make purchases with your card to ensure that it works by inserting (EMV chip) or swiping (magnetic strip).    

    PLEASE NOTE: VybeCardCo currently does not support tap (NFC).  More information can be found here.

  10. Enjoy!

If this sounds great to you, proceed to our Card Creator to get started on your new metal card!

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