Terms of Service

When purchasing a card with VybeCardCo, you (the buyer) agree to the following terms:

VybeCardCo (the seller) will...

  • create a metal card with the design that you (the buyer) created and approved from our Card Creator

  • transfer the magnetic stripe information and EMV chip from a plastic card you (the buyer) will send VybeCardCo to the aforementioned new metal card

  • keep your card information secure during the metal card creation process and only use it for the sake of making the metal card

  • promise and ensure that your card information will not be stored, used for purchase, or shared with any third party.

  • keep your card security as our foremost concern

You (the buyer) will...

  • approve of the design you have created for the front and back of the card as shown in our Card Creator before you check out.

  • will not hold VybeCardCo liable for any unauthorized activity on your card from the moment you ship your plastic card to the moment you receive your new metal card. 
As noted above, VybeCardCo promises not to store, purchase with, or share your credit card information.  We also STRONGLY SUGGEST to freeze your card before sending your plastic card then unfreezing your card when you receive your new metal card to fully protect your card from unauthorized access or use while in transit and during the metal card creation process. Click here for more information on how to freeze your card.

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