Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We at VybeCardCo understand if you have questions in regards to our product. Feel free to look at the most frequently asked questions below, and if you still cannot find your answer, please e-mail us at

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Credit Questions

  • Q. Does VybeCardCo issue new credit cards?
    A. No, we do not.  We are not a financial institution by any stretch of the imagination.  VybeCardCo takes currently existing plastic credit cards and transfers the EMV chip and magnetic stripe information into a metal card with a customized design created by our customers.  For more information on the process, click here!

  • Q. Does getting a new metal card require a credit check?
    A. No.  VybeCardCo is not a financial institution and cannot give credit.  Your new metal card uses the same account provided by the bank issuer of the current plastic card you wish to transfer information from. 

  • Q. Will a VybeCardCo metal card work the same as my current plastic card?
    A. You can make purchases with your new metal card by inserting it into a scanner (EMV chip), and swiping it (magnetic stripe).  Your new metal card will be accepted EVERYWHERE your current plastic card is today.  However, as of this writing, tapping a card (NFC) will not work with our metal cards.  We at VybeCardCo are currently hard at work trying to adapt NFC into our cards.

  • Q. How does VybeCardCo turn my plastic card into a metal card that works like the original card?
    A. VybeCardCo transfers your plastic card's magnetic stripe data into the magnetic stripe of your new metal card.  VybeCardCo also physically transfers the EMV chip that is on your plastic card to the new metal card.  This allows you to swipe and insert your new metal card like your original plastic card!  For more information on the process, click here!

Security Questions

  • Q. Can I trust VybeCardCo with my credit card information?
    A. Yes you can.  We do not store or use anyone's credit card information; we only need it to create the metal card.  All credit card information is securely discarded once the metal card is created successfully.  For more information in regards to security, please click here!

  • Q. What can I do to protect my credit card during the metal card creation process?
    A. Before sending us your plastic card, we advise you to freeze your card through your bank/card issuer.  This will allow the card information to be intact but disallow purchases.  Once you have your new metal card, you can unfreeze your card and you can start purchasing right away!  For more information on how to freeze your card, click here!

  • Q. How does VybeCardCo test my new card without using it to make a purchase?
    A. Our testing protocol allows us to test the magnetic stripe on the new card to ensure it matches your old card.  We also test the EMV chip by mocking a $1 purchase to ensure that the card works as intended, which includes being declined if the card was frozen before sending to us as we suggest.  If the $1 purchase goes through (due to the card not being frozen), we refund the charge immediately.

Purchasing Questions

  • Q. What makes a VybeCardCo metal card so special?
    A. Two things.  One, the metal used to create your card carries a weight to it that can only be understood by holding it.  There is power behind that weight and it makes a statement on its own.  Two, you can customize your card to have a design that is truly yours and personal.  Though you can get some control of design through your card issuer or from our competitors, only VybeCardCo gives you this level of design control at the comfortable price point that we offer, allowing you to make a personal statement that is 100% yours every time you pull it out to make a purchase.

  • Q. What credit cards can be made into a metal credit card?
    A. We can turn any Visa, MasterCard, or Discover plastic card that has a compatible EMV chip (style 4442) into a metal card. These chips look more rectangular than square.

    As of this writing, chips that are not in style 4442 will not work if transferred.  We will update this article with more information as soon as support for any other chips changes.

  • Q. What happens if my new metal card doesn't work when I get it?
    A. This is highly unlikely as we have testing methods to ensure the metal card's magnetic stripe and EMV chip work as it would on your original magnetic card, and we will not ship a card if the magnetic stripe or EMV chip fails our testing protocol.  However, if the new metal card gets damaged in transit, please contact us at and we will work with you on getting you a new metal card at no additional cost to you.  You can learn more about this process by clicking here!

  • Q. If I don't like my new metal card, can I reverse the process?
    A. The process to move an EMV chip from the old plastic card to the new metal card is a delicate process.  As such, an EMV chip can only be transferred once, as transferring it again risks damaging the chip permanently.  VybeCardCo will not transfer a chip back to your old card under any circumstances.  You have the option to request a new plastic card from your card issuer with a new EMV chip and card information should you wish to go back to using a plastic card.  

  • Q. Can I get a refund if I don't like my card?
    A. Before you make your purchase, it is required that you accept the design that you have created using our card creator.  You will be given a design preview of the front and back, and you can only proceed with the process if you accept the design as final.  We advise that you don't accept the design as final until you are 100% happy with the design.  Once the purchase process has completed, all sales are final unless the card is damaged or the information on the card is incorrect.  Please click here to learn more about our policies in regards to returns/exchanges!

  • Q. Does my payment card need to be the same card I want to make into a metal card?
    A. No, although you can use that same card if you wish to do so. The card that will be made into a metal card will be the one you physically ship to VybeCardCo. See more information on the process here!

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